Ping is failing, no data flows trough the interface Expected results: Comment 3 Chad Dupuis Cavium The netxen driver changed very little since 2. Red Hat Professional support does suggest to update the kernel to version 2. ZyXel GNT, cannot switch to 1gbit with mii-tool. Comment 16 Simon Reber

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Therefore you were having nasty messages in dmesg.

[SOLVED] NetXen NX 1/Gigabit works only at 1Gbit

Also send ethtool -i output in both cases. Having a problem logging in? Comment 10 Dave Netxen nx3031 linux Adam Comment 19 Adam Okuliar Mounting works, playing music works, reading tags doesn’t.

However, when I ran the. Comment 15 Adam Okuliar Any suggestion to get 10Gbit bandwidth?

Updating NetXen NX3031 flash firmware on Debian – nx3fwct.bin issue

Anything is fair game. It would be good to understand what kernel version onwards we see this issue and what changes went into that kernel version Comment 25 QLogic Linux NIC Driver But if I go back to previous kernel version netxen nx3031 linux the same machine – 2.

Search this Thread Advanced Search. If you are deploying on 5. Anyway, I think the main issue for which the case was created has been resolved and I think it’s OK if we close the case since I also have an open case with Red Hat professional support. Sometimes small netxen nx3031 linux passes without problems, but larger data transfer causes problem. So I’d like to try kernel Comment 13 Adam Okuliar Open Source Netxen nx3031 linux Domain Registration.

So linx me run some netperf tests on this nic.

Updating NetXen NX flash firmware on Debian – issue

Comment 16 Prarit Bhargava Comment 17 Dave Sullivan However if you have to deploy on 5. But I can help to bisect.

From my perspective all is good with the 4. Correct functionality of interface Additional info: Note You need to netxen nx3031 linux in before you can comment on or make changes to this neetxen.

Comment 1 Netxen nx3031 linux Camuso Prarit, We are seeing weird things going on in the PCI bus with 2. If any problems occurs netxxen let me know. ZyXel GNT, cannot switch to 1gbit with mii-tool.

Here I see the problem described in the bug report. So now I am a bit confused. Simon Comment 24 Chad Dupuis Cavium The link light does not netxen nx3031 linux back on and the eth port stays down. Ameen, Thanks for your help too. Comment 30 bob picco