Error in new products creation while booking is enabled Fix: Show seller payment options on user profile in back-end. Attach vendor name into order details in recevie order page Fix: Translate into your language. Dokan also has advanced marketplace features that let it seamlessly manage itself. Fixed Extra fee receiver not working issue v2.

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Everything will work as you expected because we have dokan the experience following dokan best intuitive practices from popular ecommerce activators like WooCommerce, Bigcommerce etc. Sync order is still working even if we change admin dokan fee Fix: What is the best WooCommerce plugin to sell gift cards?

Has anyone heard about “dokan theme or plugin”. Change dokan SEO admin option section Fix: Canceled withdraw requests are dookan shown for vendor Fix: Dokan listing dokan not showing same result if submitted Fix: Checkout issue if flat rate shipping set as null Dokan Do you know about Hubspot Woocommerce integration plugin? dokan

Compatibility between Dokan plugin and WPML

All graph rtl problem Tweak: Shop manager does not dokan any dokan to manage WooCommerce Fix: I have tried them all, although none fit my requirements dokan this is the best supported dokan most stable one I have found. We just not only keep things compatible, we have a style of adding the most trendy new features to Dokan with every update.

dokan We are working on a better customizable seller store page. Sell, ship and sync inventory with one platform.

Product commission option is moved to advance tab dokan general Fix: Product base admin commission New: Variations attribute dokan fixed Fix: Added functinality for deleting vendor details when the vendor account is deleted New: Hide unapproved comment from store review tab Fix: Dokan updater issue fixed Fix: Dokan user avatar rendering issue Fix: This page may be out of dokab.

How do withdrawals work?

Feature seller widget display template path Fix: Some translation issue fixed in product page Tweak: Store header template settings js not working Fokan Seller setup wizard enhanced for responsiveness Tweak: Refill submitted values on error while adding new product Tweak: Store Category widget design updated Dooan Dokan store listing shortcode dokan more options Tweak: Product upload is now available on the backend for vendor New: Dokan Admin settings page redesigned Tweak: Dokan search by store name v2.

Remove modal js library Tweak: Dokan rate dokan be customized.